2023 Look Back, 2024 Look Forward WorkTech Webinar Recap

Rodney HessBy Rodney Hess
January 10th, 2024 • 2 Minutes

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George LaRocque, Founder of WorkTech, recently hosted an insightful webinar titled “2023 Look Back, 2024 Look Forward” focused on trends and developments in workplace and talent acquisition tech. Centered around the Q4 Global VC Report, the presentation revealed compelling insights into the industry landscape and its impact on recruitment marketing and talent acquisition. 

This article recaps the key takeaways from LaRocque’s webinar and forecasts for anyone involved in recruitment marketing or talent aquisition. We highlight crucial insights around funding, growth regions, technological advancements and diversity in the HR tech space now and into 2024.

Analysis of the Q4 Global VC Report

According to the report, nearly $750 million was invested across 49 global VC deals in Q4. While slightly lower than Q3’s $800 million, 2023 represented the 5th largest year ever for workplace tech investments globally. LaRocque explored how the return to more reasonable valuations and investors taking a balanced yet optimistic approach to SaaS metrics contributed to the continued health of the industry.

LaRocque’s Workplace Tech Takeaways and Projections

  • Work tech navigates within the work flow, enabling data integration across the enterprise.
  • Focusing on data flow over interface, workplace tech is created without ego.
  • It concentrates on employee experience, striving to increase diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
  • Open APIs give work technology the leverage to partake fully in the ecosystem, granting customers control and access to combined solutions.
  • Data lies at the heart of work tech, flowing across the enterprise and enabling improved decision-making.

Work Tech’s Influence on Recruitment Marketing and Talent Acquisition

  • Recruitment marketing and talent acquisition pros use work tech to automate processes, thus achieving greater results with lesser resources.
  • The rise in platform replacements signifies employers replacing outdated HR and talent acquisition platforms with innovative solutions.
  • Learning and talent acquisition are key areas within work tech, driven by consumer behavior and the need for current information and skills.
  • Communication and collaboration tools are becoming vital in talent acquisition, paving the way for enhanced candidate experiences and specialized marketplaces.
  • The penetration of analytics and data-driven insights across WorkTech helps in better understanding the workforce and aids in strategic decision-making.

Wrapping Up The Webinar

George LaRocque’s presentation offered valuable perspectives into workplace tech and its influence on recruitment marketing and talent acquisition roles.

Key highlights from the Q4 Global VC Report indicate a positive trajectory for the WorkTech sector. LaRocque also showcased how automation, diversity, and data-driven decisions will transform future hiring.

For talent leaders overwhelmed by chaotic processes and limited pipelines, WorkTech provides solutions to efficiently match qualified talent at scale. As these technologies integrate AI and workforce analytics, recruiting and talent roles will become more automated, fair and insights-led.

For more tools to help your recruitment marketing efforts, visit our marketplace now. Happy hiring!

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