It’s well known in the world of programmatic display advertising that the primary driver of actions from prospects is remarketing. An audience of people who we already know are interested in what we’re advertising (but haven’t taken a direct action) is a great resource that all companies should tap into. Most of us need to see a product or service at least a few times before we finally decide to pull the trigger, and that’s no different with candidates completing an application for a job.


If a company has a conversion rate of 10%, there are 90% of candidates that have landed on a careers site and not completed an application. Some of those candidates have weeded themselves out by not being qualified or interested, but lots of those candidates need an additional push to complete the application. By retargeting those individuals with ads that bring them back to your careers site to complete the application, you can ensure that that marginal candidate isn’t lost and you’ll maximize the impact of the investment you’re already making with programmatic job ads.
Another added benefit of retargeting candidates you’ve already paid for is cross-device retargeting. It’s very well documented that conversion rates are higher for desktop users than for mobile users. Cross-device retargeting allows you to cookie mobile users and then remarket to them on desktop where they are more likely to convert into applicants.

In a tight labor market with high demand for all open positions, remarketing to a tailormade pool of individuals with an expressed interest in your roles is an opportunity that top companies can’t afford to miss.
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