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The Algorithm w/Hilke Schellmann

February 13th, 2024

One of the most interesting and controversial book in the HR section in a long while! Hilke brings the investigative journalist and an industry outsider to her new book “The Algorithm: How AI decides who gets hired, monitored, promoted & fired & why we need to fight back now.”

  • A fateful cab ride was the genesis of the book, when the Lyft driver was gobsmacked by being interviewed by a robot for a baggage handler job at the local airport, Hilke began her quest to learn more. 
  • The one-way video interview and its inevitable demise when HireVue’s claims of facial expressions to predict candidate’s honesty was proven to be crap.
  • Talent Intelligence platforms like Eightfold can prove to be a positive force in helping organization know who to promote and like any double edge sword, cursed for its contribution on who should be laid off, 
  • How do we fight back? Hilke gives some sound advice to HR Leaders. 
  • Crystal ball predictions for 2030, sound pretty accurate to us!

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