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Debbie Downer

February 2nd, 2024

This week on TRF we cover:

Riots in the streets of Calgary! The little bylaw was not very well thought out.

In the News

  • Remote workers face the cold facts, they are 35% higher risk of being laid off.
  • Salesforce joins the flood of tech industry lay offs
  • UPS cuts management and contractors in a bid to save $1BB in costs, that is out of the $100BB in sales in 2022
  • In happier news, the global online recruitment market is set to reach $49.2 BB by 2030

Tip of the Week

3 simple things to improve your job ads. 

  1. Shorten your sentences
  2. 3 bullet points max!
  3. Pay attention to the words you use. “Demonstrated ability” means different things to older workers than it does to younger workers

Recruiting Insights 

  • Linked In XRay search options, including key fields like job title will have an impact on sourcing tools. SeekOut and hireEZ have a work around.
  • More on skills based hiring. When 46% of workers say their formal qualifications are not relevant to what they are doing in their current job. You need to ask yourself why the fixation on that bachelor’s degree.
  • Bigger isn’t better. 85% of mid-sized companies reported ZERO layoffs last year. 

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