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220: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep192 – Recruiter Use Cases for ChatGPT, Part 2!

February 10th, 2023

Recruiter Use Cases for ChatGPT, Part 2!


Alright folks, we are going to have to do this again – after an amazing first event where we had 1000+ people attending, the demand for more was overwhelming, so here it is! We are going to repeat the format – so expect recruiter use cases presented by practitioners, followed by product demo’s from founders and concluding with some wise takes from industry vets who are going to forecast what all this means for recruitment technology.

We’re with Martyn Redstone, Founder (BotJobs), Marcel van der Meer, Sourcing Trainer (Klikwork),  Christine Ng, Head of Talent & Media (Quantum Motion), Alla Pavlova, Recruiter (Riot Games), Alan Walker, CEO (Udder) and friends!


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