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177: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep159 – How to know a Recruiter is Any Good

June 17th, 2022

How to know if a Recruiter is any good?


I have been thinking about this question ever since Tim Sackett published his post on an experienced recruiter candidate who had an aberrantly small LinkedIn network. Got me thinking – how small is too small? Lets face it, it WOULD arouse suspicion to see a recruiter candidate without a LinkedIn profile (they do exist!) so it got me thinking about how do we background check when hiring for other recruiters – is there a best way to do it?


– Relevance of LinkedIn

– How valid is social media behaviour?

– Can presence / or lack thereof, say something about the style of recruiter you are getting?

– What other signals can we use, as we obviously cannot trust self reporting?

– Would you conduct your own back-channel references? Is this even legal to do?

– What sorts of questions would you ask a referee, in order to get a good idea as what kind of colleague you are getting?

– Can we create a list of questions to ask referees?


All this and more with Tim Sackett, President (HRU Technical Resources), Ed Han, Senior Recruiter (Cenlar FSB) & Erin Mathew, Senior Sourcer



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