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140: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep140 – Setting Salary for Remotely Distributed Teams

January 21st, 2022

Setting Salaries for Remotely Distributed Teams


As candidate shortage continues to bite in 2022, employers will increasingly look to shift jobs to location agnostic setting. However as one problem may be solved others rise up to take their place – how do we handle the compensation for our newly remote workforce? This is topic of Brainfood Live On Air – Ep140


– Shifting to remote….what is the framework to use?

– What are the common objections and challenges when setting compensation for remote?

– What caveats pertain to hybrid mode of work?

– Are there or should there be different compensation packages for different types of remote?

– How do we deal with increasing demands for pay transparency?

– How tenable is to pay a global minimum / maximum?

– How do we handle salary review?

– What are the back office options available?

– For employers looking to shift to remote from on premise, what challenges can they anticipate?


With Rachel Gibbs, Global Compensation & Benefits Advisor (Independent), Megan O’Malley, Senior Director Global Recruitment, International Rescue Committee & Andrew Gadomski, Founder (Aspen Analytics)


Ep140 is sponsored by Oyster


Oyster is on a mission to remove barriers to cross-border employment and enable companies to tap into the global talent pool. Our end-to-end distributed HR platform streamlines global employment across the full remote employee lifecycle, enabling companies to hire, pay, and care for talented teammates regardless of location.

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