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127: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep129 – Where does ‘culture‘ fit in today‘s hiring process

October 15th, 2021

As Recruiters and HR professionals we care more than most about company culture. Hiring new people into the organisation is probably the quickest way to change company culture. So how do we make sure that change happens for the better, and not for the worse?

– How do we talk about company culture?
– Do we share an understanding on what it is?
– How do we capture the dynamism of organisational culture?
– How do we use our understanding of company culture in assessing candidates?
– What is the line between hiring for people who we think add to the company culture vs discriminating against people because they behave differently from us?
– What measurements can we use to better understand ‘culture fit’?

All this and more, in Brainfood Live On Air. We’re with Nims Dhawan, Organisation Design (UK Ministry of Defence), Stanislaw Wasowicz, Regional Director Alliances (SmartRecruiters) and friends.


Ep129 is sponsored by our buddies Platypus

Platypus makes company culture easy to understand, measurable and actionable, so that you can make smarter decisions on hiring and growing your team.

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