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266: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep235 – Year in Review 2023 – AI, WorkTech Investment & DEIB

December 1st, 2023

2023 Year in Review: AI, DEIB and Worktech Investment


Coming in for the final 4 Brainfood Live sessions of the year and we are going to do a series on ‘Review of the Year 2023. We’ve 12 topics packed into 4 sessions, so make sure you follow the channel in order to be notified of them all when we go live.


We being with AI, WorkTech Investment and DEIB – what has happened in 2023 on these three domains?


– Timeline of AI events and milestones

– Major impact of AI on recruitment industry

– AI enablement of candidates

– AI roll out across all major consumer apps

– AI as a disruptor to the workforce

– VC Investment in Work Tech – what is the situation Mr LaRoque?

– DEIB – have we taken backward step in 2023?

– What has been the DEIB domain of the year?

– How do we know where we’re at with DEIB?


Let’s take a look back folks at three critically important domains of the recruiting industry.



We’re with Martyn Redstone, Founder (PPBOTS), George LaRoque, Founder (WorkTech), Joanne Lockwood, Consultant (SEEChange), Theo Smith, Founder (NeuroDiversity World) & Friends




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