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232: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep203 – How to Set Up an Elite Talent Analytics Function

April 28th, 2023

How to set up an Elite Talent Analytics Function


We can’t have a workable recruitment strategy if we don’t have access to accurate, current and relevant information. Talent intelligence (external labour market) and Talent analytics (internal people analytics) are two halves of one of the most important functions leading recruitment teams are building in order to make data driven decisions on hiring.


But how do you start? This is topic of Brainfood Live On Air


– Talent Intelligence vs Talent Analytics – what’s the difference?

– What talent information is relevant to the business?

– How universal or contextual is this information?

– Where does the information sit, how do we access this?

– What value do you (as leader) and the business (as customer) expect from Talent Analytics?

– Does this pertain to recruiting only, or to Talent management also?

– What tools can I use / should I use?

– What size organisation is ideal / mandatory for a Talent Analytics function?

– Can you give examples of where Talent Analytics has changed a decision for the better?

– For the worse?

– How does GAI impact the future of Talent analytics?


All this and more as we dive into the an importance niche in the Talent Acquisition. With Piret Luts, Global Head of Talent Analytics (Nortal), Facundo Tripodi, People Analytics Senior Manager (Medallia) & Allie Bleier, People Analytics Consulting Lead



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