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‘Tis the Season: Stockings Full of Coal, Layoffs and Lawsuits

December 10th, 2017

The boys are deckin’ the halls and wreckin’ the pod with a slew of industry news. Turns out, the holidays are a great time to pass out pink slips and head to court. Feel the cheer! On this week’s show, Chad & Cheese talk about the following:

  • DHI, Dice’s parent company, is selling off it’s albatross of a job board portfolio and going to court.
  • Woo.io, Param.ai and IBM’s Watson keep the AI / chatbot train rollin’.
  • Valley companies are paying models to attend holiday parties (can you say ‘tone deaf’?).
  • Layoffs hit two well-know TA tech solutions. Boom goes the dynamite!

It’s a Sunday hangover edition of the show, as Chad dials in from sunny California. Egg nog, West Coast-style, baby! Enjoy, and as always, throw buckets of money at our sponsors, guaranteed to be coal-in-your-stocking free: Ratedly, America’s Job Exchange and Sovren.

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