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Talkin’ ICOs, Blockchain & Crypto w/ Moonlighting CEO – A Nexxt Exclusive

February 13th, 2018

The Chad and Cheese listeners know that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has taken center stage as the bright and shiny objects of the recruitment industry over the last year, but what about the entrance of ​Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

What the Hell does Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have to do with RECRUITING?

We haven’t a damned clue which is why we have Jeff Tennery the CEO of Moonlighting.com is on the podcast to answer questions like:

– Why do we need Blockchain Recruiting?
– What could cryptocurrency mean to the world talent economy?
– What the Hell is a Moonbit?
– and … Is Moonlighting backed by Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd?

Don’t forget this edu-tainment is made possible by the gang over at Nexxt and in the spirit of saving some currency (in dollars) – YOU can receive 25% off your first Text2Hire campaign by visiting nexxt.com/chadandcheese25. You are recruiting with text messages… Aren’t you?!?

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