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Talkin’ hiQ vs. LinkedIn with Mark Weidick, CEO @ hiQ – A Nexxt Exclusive Podcast

November 27th, 2017

It’s a Nexxt EXCLUSIVE The Chad and Cheese Podcast where we’re diving headlong into the hiQ versus LinkedIn court battle starring and interview with CEO of hiQ Labs, Mark Weidick. It’s also a lactose-free event – Joel Cheesman (Cheese) is out on assignment or maybe he just found a comfortable place to curl up?

In this episode Mark and Chad talk:

– Update on their David v. Goliath court battle

– Negative industry (Global Innovation) impact if hiQ loses

– Scraping, bots, how can we ID bad from good actors?

– FlipDog’s name is used in phishing vain

– Are we losing control? Start-ups in court? Net neutrality?

– Why are other – affected – companies in the fetal position instead of fighting?

– CrowdJustice – crowd funding legal battles

… and last but never least Nexxt gives Mark a reason to think his family might be ducking him during the holidays.

None of this would be possible without the gang over at Nexxt and in the spirit of giving – YOU can get 25% off your first Text2Hire campaign by visiting http://www.nexxt.com/chadandcheese25.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from The Chad and Cheese Podcast!

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