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Snag Ousts CEO — MSFT Targets Slack

July 20th, 2018

It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS…

Pivots can’t save everyone…

Snag – aka Snagajob – the hourly hiring platform just outsed their CEO Peter Harrison. Why? Well, pull up some Glassdoor reviews and that might start to answer the question of Harrison’s kick to the curb. Harrison’s 41 percent CEO approval rating – which sucks btw – and most of the negative reviews focus on a lack of leadership – never a good thing for a CEO.

Not too mention in 2016 then Snagajob’s landscape changed immensely with an infusion of an additional $100m investment, now the cash wasn’t the biggest change rather.. that cash shifted control to outside investment firms. Ohhhh NELLY!

And also remember Snag’s sweetspot is the SMB market and with Zip killing it, LinkedIn licking their chops and Facebook – yea Facebook joining the party it’s getting more than competitve at the SMB party!

Who will be the new face of Snag? Fabio Rosati of Upwork fame – you know the freelance job site that accrued 14 million users in 180 countries and more than $1 billion in annual billings. Yea that Fabio Rosati… But will Fabio be enough to get the SMB platform through the competition and the new Uber-like hourly start-ups?

Who knows but it’s gonna to be fun watching…

NEXXT >>>>>>

Microsoft is going to drink Slack’s milkshake — Yes There will be blood

Slack a business communication and productivity platform has to defend it’s flank from Microsoft Teams a competitor to Slack who has just launched a FREE version.

According to Quartz… The new free Microsoft Teams platform is aimed at small and medium-size businesses. It’ll be free for an organization’s first 300 users, and each user will be given 2 GB of storage, along with 10 GB that the team can share.

This news should send Slackers into a panic…

Teams is integrated with the Microsoft suite and are targeting Slack.

Joel and I always talk about who will acquire Slack… Well, Microsoft isn’t in the market to acquire Slack who has $790m in funding, they want to kill them, but what about Google? Who else do you think should be eyeing Slack – let us know on Twitter, just use #chadcheese, on LinkedIn connect and ping us or stop on by the chadcheese.com site and leave us a message.

We might just be talking about Snag and Teams v Slack milkshake on the next episode so join the discussion.


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