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Indeed Mimics Monster

July 9th, 2021

Who goes camping in the hot sticky mess of July? Joel Cheesman, that’s who.

No worries, we have a smooth operator filing in for the Master of Cheese this week. Crazy and The King Podcast co-host, Executive Director of Disability Solutions, all-around badass, and my wife Julie Sowash joins as we tackle questions like:

  • Is Indeed the following Monster off a cliff?
  • Is Doximity showing Dice how to evolve?
  • Will the pandemic really drive any real change?
  • Is Allyn Bailey right about “The Great Awakening”?
  • Who is happy robots are taking the shitty jobs? 
  • and does weed make you faster? 

It’s the craziest market we will ever experience – so stop, listen, and participate 🙂

Don’t forget to visit our friends over at Sovren, Jobvite, and JobAdX. They are the wind beneath our… well… you get the idea. 

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