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E5 – Pivots Happen

May 3rd, 2023

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

From a name change to another pivot, HourWork caught a wave that resulted in nearly 10,000 clients signing up. Additionally, more investments poured in, and our friend Rahkeem Morris shares his experience of being a black man raising funds for his startup. All these events led to the birth of HourWork, the company as we know it today, with a vision that’s making them one of the hottest names in the industry. This finale, part of The Chad & Cheese Podcast’s Voices series, may not be as thrilling as Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, but it’s truly remarkable, even though I may be a bit biased. Until next time, I’m co-host Joel Cheesman, and this is more of our interview with Rahkeem Morris, the CEO and founder of HourWork.

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