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Clovers Buys, Walmart Spins and TikTok Bans

January 27th, 2023

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Agree to disagree. Maybe that should be the title of this week’s show, because there’s a lot of disagreement this week. Aside from seeing eye-to-eye that the recent acquisition of TalVista by Clovers.ai makes sense, a game of Who’d Ya’ Rather between Skillit and Grazzy goes sideways. So does whether or not TikTok is on its way to becoming illegal to use in the U.S. And don’t even get us started on minimum wage increases at Walmart. At least we end the week in agreement that interviewing 3D avatars is both cool and creepy as well. And you thought Tengai the Recruiting Robot haunting your dreams for the last couple of years was scary! You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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