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Chatbots Are Back!

March 31st, 2023

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

If you’re tired of hearing about ChatGPT, employers and vendors behaving badly, money-grubbing startups, and millions being made on OnlyFans, then maybe this episode isn’t for you. But in the likely chance that these topics are just what the doctor ordered, Chad & Cheese cover:

  • Beamery boarding the ChatGPT train,
  • Deel and Chipotle losing the Employer of the Year competition in just the first quarter of 2023,
  • Buy-or-Sell with Paraform, Workera, and Payday,
  • and a lawyer giving up the legal professional for a lewd career on OnlyFans.

Feel free to hold us in contempt of court, counselor!

FULL TRANSCRIPT AT chadcheese.com

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