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Accidental Recruiter – Dustin Laycock

May 5th, 2023

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Welcome to the ‘Accidental Recruiter’ episode where Dustin Laycock, Senior Recruiting Manager at Zello, is my special guest. You’ll want to hear how his team is working to create a stellar candidate experience at Zello.

We cover a number of important topics in this episode including: the candidate and employee journey from hire to retire, hackathons, and the importance of clear and genuine communications.  Enjoy!

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⁠⁠Chuck Solomon ⁠⁠

Host of The Candidate Experience Podcast

This episode was recorded in April 2023


Connect with Dustin Laycock on LinkedIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustinlaycock/

Job openings at https://zello.com/careers/

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Chuck Solomon Hey, Dustin. How are you this afternoon? 

Dustin Laycock Hey. Doing great. Doing great. How are you? 

Chuck Solomon I'm well. Can you let our listeners know a little bit about yourself and your current role and a little bit about the company you work for? 

Dustin Laycock Yeah. First off, thanks for. Thanks for having me. Sure. This is definitely something I'm really passionate about and I love talking about. So I was happy to jump at this opportunity. Yeah. So my name is Dustin Laycock. I have been an accidental recruiter for going on 14 years now. I currently work for a company called Zillow. Zillow is really more of a more of a scale up and a startup. I mean, we've been around ten years, so I feel like we're kind of further along on that maturity curve, but we're still smaller. We're about 55 people today, and what we do is that we enable front line workers or desk workers through communication solutions such as Push-to-talk. So we're really big on helping out of all types of industries. We're not industry specific. One cool thing that we do do is we offer our platform for free to first responders. And in fact, last year I think we gave out something around $3.2 million worth of free licenses to first responders. So. Before this. 
Chuck Solomon Yeah. That's awesome though, that you're that you're doing that. I mean, anything that supports first responders is is really good in my book.

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