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Staying Nimble with Steffanie Chaviano of Autism Learning Partners

October 19th, 2021

On this episode of the Talent Acquisition Leaders podcast, host Ryan Dull is joined by Steffanie Chaviano, Director of Talent Acquisition and Strategy at Autism Learning Partners, a full-service treatment provider for children with Autism and their families.

Steffanie tells Ryan about her career journey, which included a few years of recruiting in corporate dentistry before ending up at ALP three and a half years ago.

She has seen a lot of changes as a Talent Acquisition leader, and she believes that TA professionals need to be nimble and open to change. As she points out, things that worked for you in the past, even just a month ago, may not work in today’s recruiting environment.

She also talks about the importance of working hard every day, even on days when it seems like a thankless job. She recommends that young TA professionals have clear career goals and show up to work every day with those goals in mind. It has worked for her over the years. It is excellent advice for any TA professional.

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