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Maximizing Client Revenue Miles Lloyd Expert Interview

April 12th, 2023

The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast

Miles and Sharon discuss the importance of maximizing client potential in this podcast conversation. Miles shares some of the strategies he implements with his clients as part of their growth plans.

He explains the importance of:

  • Building strong client relationships
  • The risks of having too much business with too few clients
  • Adding value to clients through the recruiting process not just filling jobs
  • Adapting to changing client needs

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the recruitment industry

As the co-founder of a recruitment company specializing in using a non-biased process in the sporting world, Miles talks about how organizations are pressured to increase diversity and must start conversing with clients about what they are doing to bring about change.

He explains that smaller clients are feeling pressure from more prominent organizations in the supply chain and how companies must differentiate themselves and find clients receptive to their messaging.

Adding Value

To stand out in a market such as recruitment can be challenging.

There is, however, an opportunity and huge potential to become a go-to recruitment company and ideal partner for clients and candidates.

Miles and Sharon discuss the need for business owners to understand their ideal clients and invest time and effort in those relationships.

Miles suggests: “Having mutual respect and finding clients with the same values is essential. Companies need to invest in themselves and their value propositions, explore new geographies and sectors, and find ways to facilitate a better recruitment process”.

If you want to grow and scale your recruitment company or know how to capitalize and maximize your client’s potential, listen in as Miles reveals what’s working today.

You can get in touch with Miles  here

Miles discusses the importance of managing change effectively and avoiding overstretching oneself in this conversation. He emphasizes the need to delegate effectively, empower others in the organization, and surround yourself with a great team. Miles also highlights the importance of choosing partners carefully, taking time to go through change, and doing things with real purpose and conviction. He uses the analogy of climbing a mountain with Sherpas to illustrate the importance of having a great team and treating a business with respect.

Miles offers valuable advice for business owners and leaders to successfully navigate change, delegate effectively, and build a great team to achieve their goals.


Denise and Sharon

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