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Getting More Candidates To Say Yes To Giving You Testimonials

November 2nd, 2022

The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast

Today we are talking about social proof and testimonials, specifically, getting candidates to say yes when you ask for testimonials or recommendations. 

Anyway, I’m going to get into that in a second.  

If you have not downloaded our marketing checklist, please do that, as planning is always critical at this time of year. 

Go along to superfastrecruitment.co.uk/mcl, and you will be able to download this checklist from there. 

So, let’s talk about testimonials and how to get more of them. We have another deep dive blog on testimonials you can also listen to here. 

I wanted to dive deeper into persuading your candidates to give you testimonials because this has come up a few times with our Superfast Circle clients who are mapping out their marketing plans. 

They have realized how powerful social proof is, and yet they know they haven’t been collecting testimonials. 

We Live in a Review Society 

I want to say one quick thing: we live in a review society. Only the other day, I bought Christmas presents for the family, and my habits confirmed how important a solid review is. 

It’s fascinating; I automatically go and check the review, “Oh, that’s got five stars. Oh, that’s only 4.2, and I don’t think I bother with that one. Oh, that’s only got four or five reviews.” I do that consciously and unconsciously.  

I’m a marketeer, and I understand how this all works. 

Think about the value of someone else saying how good your recruiting service is, not just you. 

With this podcast episode, we’re talking about candidates and the value of having multiple candidate testimonials on your website and social media channels, shouting out the value of working with you as a recruiter rather than somebody else. 

Creating Your Testimonial Getting System 

Now, the question is, how do we do this? 

The first thing is to develop a system focused on getting testimonials. There is a precursor to your system, and that is having a goal.  

Now, you are a good recruiter; I’m certain of that.  

You probably wouldn’t be listening to this podcast if you weren’t. Therefore, in reality, every single placement that you make should give you a testimonial. 

Make that your goal; let’s pluck a figure out of the air because we have recruiters at all levels listening to this. 

Say you make ten placements a month. It’s easy to do the math. We’ve got zeros and ones and figures 😀 

Let’s say you place ten people a month; therefore, there should be no reason you cannot get ten short testimonials from people you placed, which you can then use in your marketing, with their permission. 

This is a realistic goal that you then build a system around. 

What about giving your consultants an incentive or a target for every candidate they place getting a testimonial? 

If they hit the jackpot or do this, I know many of you guys do the spin the wheel; then there’s an incentive for them, a prize for Jessica or Michael? 

It’s amazing what people will do to achieve things like that. It’s such an easy win. Now, it’s an easy win because you’re going to build a system around it. Here are some of the things that we always suggest to our clients to do. 

What To Include in Your System 

The first thing when you are talking to a candidate is to set up right from the beginning that you will ask for a testimonial; 

“Hi, Amanda; really pleased that you’ve registered with us. I do know that we have several vacancies that are ideal for you because you are qualified and motivated”. 

Then what I would also say is, look, we work incredibly closely with our candidates. It’s key for us to deliver excellent service. 

What we always ask is, when we place you, would you be willing to give us a testimonial?  

You’ll get a yes or no or whatever.  

I’ll make sure that I mention this again; when you’ve been placed, I’ll send you an email and follow up with a quick call. 

You have created that first positive interaction with them. You framed the service that you are going to deliver. 

The second thing to do now is diarising the process. Put it in your diary, whatever that might be. You know when the interviews are taking place and when the offer will be made; Put it in your CRM to ensure you follow through. 

Much of this process can be automated via email. 

Our Superfast Circle members have a full suite of emails that they use for testimonials that I have pre-written for them that they can use. If you want to know more about that, drop me an email.

You can, of course, write your own campaign and when you do, make sure you give candidates specific questions to answer that showcase the service you deliver. 

What we always suggest to people is one of two things, is that you give them some questions to answer because Andrea said, “Oh, it was really, really fantastic. Mark was a lovely consultant, and I’m really pleased I’ve got a job.”  

Yes, that’s an okay testimonial, though not ideal.  

What you want someone to talk about is that Mark was efficient. He kept me informed all the time, and he gave me improvements I could make. Everything was done professionally, and I felt like I mattered, I felt supported, and he helped me get a great job. 

That’s a more powerful testimonial. 

Think about why candidates don’t work with you and why candidates aren’t happy with other recruitment companies in the service they get. Think about how I can build this into the testimonials that go out on social media and our website.  

These testimonials promote you and your brand because you demonstrate that you are different from other recruiters. 

What I’ve suggested to you is absolutely fine moving forward.  

A question for you? 

Testimonials From Past Candidates 

What about all those past candidates whom you haven’t asked for testimonials? 

What can you do there?  

You can handle this multiple ways with no need to overcomplicate things. 

Send them a focused email campaign asking for a testimonial. Let them know you are checking in with them, and you could send them a great report or piece of content to support their career. 

Some of our clients mention to candidates that for every testimonial that we get, we’re going to put the names in a hat, and we are going to pull out those names, and whoever wins will donate to their favourite charity, or we’ll send some vouchers, or whatever that might be.  

The charity option seems to work incredibly well.  

You could do something like that with people you have, but I think the main thing about testimonials is asking for them.  

People who have had a good experience working with you will say yes to your request.  

Then, of course, when they do, you can use these testimonials as part of your marketing. 

Taught about this before when you’re promoting your brand on social media. There’s nothing better than something I call the horse’s mouth strategy. 

This is where you have a candidate or client sharing their experience of how good you are. 

You have someone who has worked with you talking about working with you rather than saying we treat candidates well! 

Much better to get that testimonial out on social media from Andrea saying I was treated well.  

Several ideas for you here about getting testimonials from candidates. One of the easiest things is to make sure you are asking consistently and frame it right at the beginning of your interaction and relationship with them. 



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