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Ep 507: Skills Based Hiring In Early Careers

March 24th, 2023

We live in rapidly changing times, and it is increasingly difficult for employers to anticipate how the roles in their business will develop. An ageing workforce is a further complicated factor. The growing consensus is that a skills-based approach to early careers recruiting could give employers the flexibility they need to plan for an uncertain future.

But how does skills-based hiring work in early careers, and how should employers develop their strategies in this area?

My guest this week is Matt Kirk, Solution Owner – Talent Acquisition at SHL. Matt has a big focus on early careers and has some incredibly valuable insights to share based on SHL’s pioneering work on skills, competencies and behaviors.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The current state of college recruiting globally

• The impact of the cost of living crisis

• Are graduates the answer to the problem of ageing workforces?

• The growing interest in soft skills

• Using a single talent language

• 11 skills that predict success in graduate hiring

• Building data to facilitate internal mobility and skills development

• How skills differ between countries and industries

• Offering an appropriate candidate experience

• Communication and feedback

• What does the future of early careers look like?

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A full transcript will appear here shortly.

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