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Ep 505: Accelerating Change

March 17th, 2023

I always knew that the pace of change would accelerate this year, but it’s only March, and we’ve seen thousands of tech layoffs, bank failures, and the launch of ChatGPT and now ChatGPT 4. Meanwhile, businesses worldwide are still struggling to get the talent they need.

The implications for Talent Acquisition of this pace of change and technological development are profound, and at the moment, it doesn’t even feel that there is time to take a step back and understand them. So what does this all mean, and how should TA leaders adapt and plan for such a dynamic future?

What better time to invite my favourite futurist back to show to attempt to get some answers. Kevin Wheeler is the founder of The Future Of Talent Institute and one of the great deep thinkers in our industry. In our conversation, Kevin looks back into the past to give us clues about the future and offers invaluable advice on what we should focus on.

In the interview, we discuss:

• Kevin’s take on the current market

• Talent hoarding and over-hiring

• The 1920s versus the 2020s

• Staying skilled and aware

• How will AI impact TA in the short and medium term

• Augmentation, automation and replacement

• A structural shift in how organisations see talent

• Internal upskilling and reskilling

• Thinking broadly, holistically and globally

• What should TA be focusing on

• The demographic and education time bomb

• What skills do the TA Leaders of the future need?

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A full transcript will appear here shortly.

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