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Ep 481: Workstyle

December 2nd, 2022

Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

The last three years have seen unprecedented disruption to the world of work. The rise of remote and hybrid working indicates a workplace revolution, but how much have things actually changed?
Presentism is still a big issue, with some employers using economically tough times as an excuse to get people back to the office. Meanwhile, many hybrid and remote employees struggle with legacy working methods not designed for the world we are now living in

My guests this week are Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst, co-founders of Hoxby and authors of the best selling book Workstyle. Lizzie and Alex are campaigners for a more modern autonomous working style. They are using their own experiences of running a remote first business to start a movement to make work better for everyone.

In the interview, we discuss:

• What is wrong with work

• Ageing populations, independence and technology

• Breaking free from a 200 year old operating system

• Autonomy, productivity and accountability

• Digital first, not physical first.

• Trust over presentism

• The vital importance of asynchronous working

• How the Workstyle revolution works at Hoxby

• Inclusive for structurally excluded workers

• How to make a seismic change

• Meeting in person to build deeper connections.

• Remote leadership

• Old rules, new challenges

• The relationship between autonomy, well-being and productivity

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