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Cybersecurity Staffing and Lean Job Descriptions

February 25th, 2019

This podcast is sponsored by Emissary.ai and Workhere.com

Deidre Diamond is the founder and CEO of CyberSN. After  21 years working in technology and staffing, and stemming from her love of people and cyber security; Deidre created the Cyber Security Network, a company transforming the way Cyber Security Professionals approach job searches. CyberSN.com aims to remove the frustration from job-hunting, and aid in interpersonal connections and education.


  • Current state of the cybersecurity job market
  • What companies and what types of roles
  • How does your company leverage technology to recruit better? Take me behind the technology that you use online—-tell me about your intake process
  • How did the cybersn.com lean job descriptions come to be
  • Will shorter ads work for any kind of job?
  • What other tech tools do you and your team use to find talent


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