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The State of Employer Brand Management, with Simon Barrow

June 21st, 2017

The phrase ‘The Employer Brand’ gets over 400,000 Google searches a year (check this for latest) and is known to management teams globally. What’s special for me is the chance I have to interview the creator of the idea – Simon Barrow.

Questions for Simon:

What prompted your thinking in the first place?
What issues did the idea have to surmount in the early years?
Some would argue that there is no employer or consumer brand, instead there is only one brand – what’s your reply to this?
Did you expect employer brand to take off the way it has?
What makes employer brand management so important today?
What are your top 3 tips to organisations’ employer brand management?
What challenges face Employer Brand thinking right now?
How can we measure ROI?
What companies do you rate as outstanding Employer Brand Managers today
What’s the next big thing for employer brand thinking (and maybe your own role in that as its original creator?)
Where can people connect with you?

Read the full article at http://employerbrandingpodcast.com

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