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Pre-Suasion: A Marketer’s Way to Influence & Persuade, with Dr. Robert Cialdini

November 8th, 2016

Marketing. It’s the art of influencing, persuading and gently nudging people towards your product or services. I’ve had a chat with the Grand master of influence and persuasion – Dr. Robert Cialdini


Tell us about what you do, how did Pre-Suasion came about? What took you so long to write this prequel to Influence?

What are privileged moments and how can marketers take full advantage of these?

What types of marketing efforts and consumer product review are most successful? (Why should on-line photographs of fluffy clouds help sell furniture?)

Should you try to prime people in your USP right at the top of your website? If so, is there a process to follow? In other words, if priming is so important, should it be the first thing they read when they hit your website?

Why our perception of what is important can so easily be shifted, and how the US government used this to their advantage during the Iraq War

Which triggers are most effective, from the verbal (there is a linguistic, not just musical, reason why ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ has been voted the greatest pop song of all time by some) to the physical (the layout of an examination hall can influence candidates’ results)?

When looking for a job, what takeaways from Pre-Suasaion could you employ to incline your evaluators to be more favorable to your candidacy?

Once you’ve got that job, what might you do to increase the chances that your boss will support an idea/initiative you want to be associated with?

How attempts to persuade dishonestly backfire: why, for example, company employees encouraged to mislead customers often end up defrauding their own organisation?

What are the pitfalls to avoid in the psychology of influence? Can’t we just be ourselves?

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