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How Vodafone Dials Up Employee Advocacy, with Kimberley Harcombe

August 17th, 2016

Vodafone. World’s 2nd largest mobile phone operator. When you’re in the business of connecting people, you have to practice what you preach. So who they gonna call? Employee Advocacy.

Questions for Kimberley Harcombe of Vodafone UK:

Tell us about Vodafone and what you do there. What prompted Vodafone to launch an employee advocacy program? What was the primary goal of the organisation? What type of content seems to resonate best with employees? What have been the main benefits for Vodafone and what have been some of the main benefits for employees? Has employee advocacy replaced internal communications such as an intranet and emails? If you started this program all over, what would you do differently? Have you found a correlation between employees who are active members of this program, do you see that they’re more informed or engaged or generally more happy to work for Vodafone? What metrics do you use to measure success? Are you able to tie back any of these metrics to actual finance bottom-line ROI? What would be the one thing that’s really surprised or delighted you the most about this program? What’s next for employee advocacy at Vodafone and for employee advocacy in general, do you think?

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