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How to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling, with Mike Davies of Santander UK

April 20th, 2016

How do you implement social selling in a B2B organisation? What social networks should you use? How can you visualise your product offering?

To get some answers, I speak to Mike Davies, UK Head of Business Development at Santander UK Corporate & Commercial.

Some questions for Mike:

Tell us about Santander and your role there? How did you implement social selling at Santander? Do you use any networks beyond LinkedIn for social selling? What tools to you use to visualise your product offering? What other apps and tools to you use for social selling? Do you have an employee advocacy tool that delivers sharable content? Do you also create content? What challenges have you come across and how did you address them? How do you go about measuring success and what results have you’ve seen? Do you look at the Social Selling Index? What’s next for social selling? What brand inspires you?

Our tip of the week is the new Reddit app, get it for iOS and Android.

This week’s big shout goes out to Michelle Dziuban of Cision in Chicago, follow her on Twitter: @dziubs.

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