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How to Turn Employee Stories into Brand Equity, with Lisa Cervanka and Jason Seiden

February 16th, 2016

To learn more about how employee generated stories and content can build employer brand equity, we have had a chat with Lisa Cervanka and Jason Seiden of Brand Amper. Expect this dynamic duo of HR Tech to not only finish each others sentences, but to also give great answers to the following questions:

Tell us about Brand Amper your roles there?
Why do companies need employee generated content?
What’s the power of bold transparency?
What’s Glassdoor all about?
What are the risks of not having employee generated stories?
What are some of the challenges with current methods of creating and sharing stories?
What’s a step-by-step guide working with employees to create and share original and branded content?
What are the benefits to the employees and their personal brands?
What social and digital channels are most important and why?
What’s the ROI and how do you measure it?
Technology selection considerations for employee generated content?
What brands inspire you on social/digital?
What’s the next big thing in this space?
What are your words of wisdom to our listeners?

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