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How to Get More Conversions on Your Career Site, with Filip Matous

January 3rd, 2017

Does your organisation have a flashy new website that is basically not getting any more traffic or conversion than the old one? Enter Filip Matous, digital strategist and author of “How To Get Your Website Noticed”.

I’ve asked Filip a number of questions:

Before we begin, you call yourself a digital strategist, what’s that?
What are trust signals?
What should you do if you realise your website isn’t trustworthy?
What misconceptions about trust do many people get wrong?
What offline psychology applies to online trust?
How does all this apply in the world of HR and recruitment?
What’s the ROI in online trust and how do you measure it?
What specific metrics do you use to measure trust?
What do you mean by false memories and does this apply to trust as well?
Going back to A for Attention, can you start building trust there?

Learn more about Filip at http://filipmatous.com and get his book at Amazon: http://amzn.to/2iKFhPf

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