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How Staff Perks Impact Employer Brand, with Shaun Bradley of Perkbox

July 25th, 2017

This episode will perk you up! Shaun Bradley is the Director of People & Organisational Development at Perkbox, a company that provides perks to no less than 600,000 employees across the UK.

Questions for Shaun:

Who are you and what do you do?
Staff perks – why is this important and why now?
What’s the most popular perk for your users?
Hygiene factor vs. purpose/fulfilment
If millennials really want purpose – are perks a waste of time and money?
How do you engage staff at Perkbox?
Has this changed as you have grown as a company?
What role do managers play in engaging their staff in addition to HR?
What companies are doing it right?
What’s the next big thing for Perkbox and perks in general?
Where can people connect with you?

Show notes are available at: http://employerbrandingpodcast.com

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