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How Social Customer Service Helps Commuters in Greater Manchester, with Justin Clark

August 12th, 2016

Public transport is a great invention right? Especially when it runs like clockwork. Which isn’t always the case. How can transport authorities deliver customer service to their users where they want it and when they want it? I’ve spoken to Justin Clark of Transport for Greater Manchester to find out who they do social customer service.


Tell us about Transport for Greater Manchester and what you do there?
Is it similar to Transport for London?
Tell us about the shift from traditional customer service to social customer service?
Talk us through you team setup and how it’s evolved?
Give us an example of a transport crisis and how you handled it?
How do you approach people who are angry and upset and want to vent their frustrations?
If I were stuck on a tram in Manchester and send a tweet, how long before I get a reply?
Is Twitter the most important channel for customer service?
How do you use Facebook Messenger?
What technology do you use for social customer service?
Is there a Transport for Greater Manchester app?
How do you measure your results and can you tie it back to ROI?
Who inspires you on social?
What’s next for social customer service and what’s on your roadmap?

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