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How HomeServe Puts Employees & Customers First, with Greg Reed

May 30th, 2017

Greg Reed had never heard of HomeServe before he joined. Now he claims to have the best job in the world. During his time with the company they were hit with a £30 million fee for mis-selling, had a complete change of management and the business has reinvented itself in a remarkable way with a focus on people.

Questions for Greg:

Tell us about HomeServe and what you do?
What’s the corporate culture like at the company?
Things weren’t always honky dory, tell us about what happened 2005-2011?
What were the financial implications to the company?
What impact did this have on the company culture and employer brand?
How did HomeServe turn around its business?
Tell us about your people promise?
What specific measures did you take to attract and retain talent?
How do you measure ROI from employer brand?
What other companies inspire you?
What’s the next big thing for HomeServe and employer brand?
Where can people connect with you and where can we sign up for a Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover?

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