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How GE Blends Consumer & Employment Branding, with Shaunda Zilich

April 4th, 2017

GE was founded 125 years ago by Thomas Edison and currently has over 300,000 employees, hiring roughly 70,000 people every year. The company has reinvented itself many times and is currently on a journey to become the first digital industrial corporation. Trouble is, people still think GE makes toasters. Therein lies the employer brand challenge.

I’ve spoken to Shaunda Zilich who heads up employment brand at GE, questions for her:

Tell us about GE and what you do?
GE – a very admired company on many levels – what is your employment brand challenge?
Talk us through the ‘perfect storm’ for GE employment brand?
“Employment brand becomes the consumer brand for B2B companies” – please elaborate on this?
What’s a step-by-step to success with employment brand especially for B2B companies?
GE has a decent budget, what can you do on a zero-budget?
What campaigns are you most proud of and why?
What are some pitfalls to avoid?
How can we measure ROI? Show me the money!
What companies inspire you?
What’s the next big thing for employment brand?
Where can people connect with you?

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