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56: EMEA Recruitment Podcast Episode #56 – Bart Cornelissen: Executive Director Corporate Finance at Seattle Genetics

September 10th, 2020

The EMEA Recruitment podcast was pleased to welcome Bart Cornelissen for our latest episode. Bart is currently the Executive Director Corporate Finance at Seattle Genetics in the USA, but previously lived in Switzerland.

“In the end, you’re only as good as the group of people you work with.” 

This Finance podcast episode is a fascinating listen for anyone thinking of making a bold move in their life. 

Bart spoke to our Founder, Paul Toms, about how the need to have purpose and impact in his career lead him into the life science space. He was even lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, after he reached out to a recruiter on LinkedIn. 

But it’s working with a great team that motivates Bart the most. He explains how he builds a culture of high-performing teams in the companies he’s worked with, as well as the skills and attributes needed to be a Finance leader as the role evolves.

Bart and Paul also explore how Business Intelligence and Data are driving the Finance function today, as well as how you achieve a work-life balance in the changing world.

Having presented to Bill Gates himself, it’s no surprise that Bart names him as his biggest influence – although he was nervous! Listen to the episode below to find out how Bill put him on the spot. 

These useful timestamps will help you find each section:

02:30 – What gets Bart up in the morning04:15 – Joining the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and making the bold decision to move to the USA06:35– Building a culture of high-performing teams07:27 – Presenting to Bill Gates09:00 – How the role of the Finance leader is evolving11:10 – Using the right data and presenting it in a simple way12:45 – The 3 things Bart looks for when hiring15:00 – Bart’s mentors in Switzerland and the USA18:20 – Who inspires Bart?20:15 – Bart’s dream podcast guests22:15 – How Bart achieves a work-life balance24:28 – How you can connect with Bart 

If you want to reach out to Bart, you can connect with him through LinkedIn on:



The EMEA Recruitment podcast is hosted by the Founder of EMEA, Paul Toms, and Executive Recruiter and Senior Consultant, Jenny Callum.

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