Women Impact Tech New York 2023 Recap

RecruitmentMarketing.com ReporterBy RecruitmentMarketing.com Reporter
November 7th, 2023 • 2 Minutes

Inspiration lit up the tech world in New York as Women Impact Tech 2023 unfolded. It wasn’t just a conference; it was a melding of minds, a dance of diversity and a forge for the future of women in technology. Luckily, a member of the RMC team was there to witness and bring back these insights. Let’s dive into the sessions that left an indelible mark on the attendees. Here is our Women Impact Tech New York 2023 recap.

Cultivating Meaningful Connections: The Art of Networking

Katie O’Malley, Founder & Principal Coach of (en)Courage Coaching, unfolded a new networking paradigm. Her formula was simple yet profound: two adjectives to describe oneself, a declaration of purpose and a clear intention. 

The simple formula: Who you are, then two adjectives

  • Why you’re here
  • What you want

For example:

  • It’s lovely to meet you!
  • My name is Katie O’Malley.
  • I am brave and energetic.
  • I’m here to elevate women in tech and learn alongside experts.
  • I want to meet everyone here and hope to grow my business as a result.

This isn’t just networking; it’s the crafting of a personal narrative that resonated with authenticity. O’Malley’s approach was refreshing in the often-stale air of professional mingling. It’s a reminder that at the core of every interaction is the human story, waiting to be told.

The Seven Deadly Sins of New Managers

Bhavya Kumari of Bloomberg took the stage to address the pitfalls that ensnare new leaders. Her insights were a lighthouse for those navigating the choppy waters of management. 

Delegation isn’t just a task but an opportunity to empower. The reflection of a leader’s motivation in their team, the peril of perfectionism and the illusion of control were all dissected with surgical precision. Kumari’s session was a masterclass in leadership, a guide to building a team that thrives with or without you.

Why Authenticity Matters

Anneloes Hesen, COO at Arcesium, brought a message that resonated deeply: authenticity is the cornerstone of meaningful relationships. Hesen’s call for authenticity was a reminder to embrace our true selves, fostering a culture where belonging isn’t just a buzzword, but a lived experience. This authenticity, she argued, isn’t just good for morale; it’s a catalyst for productivity.

The call for an inclusive talent acquisition funnel, mentorship, sponsorship and leadership that walks the talk of authenticity was loud and clear. The message was unequivocal: to elevate women, we must embody the change we seek.

Raise Your Voice to Raise Your Pay

Raleen Gagnon, Head of Data Consulting at Hexa, gave a powerful reminder of the wage gap that still exists. Her analogy of the Tinder experience was a clever nudge for women to approach job applications with confidence, swiping right on opportunities even when they don’t meet every criterion. Gagnon’s advice was clear: know your worth, back it up with data and never underestimate your value.

This event was a testament to the power of women united by technology, driven by purpose and bound by the shared vision of a future where gender is no barrier to success. 

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