Turning Hiring on its Head: Assessing Candidates Directly from the Job Posting

Stephane RivardBy Stephane Rivard
August 16th, 2023 • 4 Minutes

Picture this. Joan needs a new job fast, so she starts browsing job postings online. She looks at a few postings on Indeed and a few recommended to her on LinkedIn. 

One post catches her eye because it says she can skip the CV and complete an online assessment. Within two clicks Joan is doing a simulation of the actual job she’s applying for signaling to both her and the prospective employer whether she is a good fit. 

She completes the initial application and assessment process on the spot, and the prospective employer is capturing more candidates in the moments that matter. That’s the power of assessing candidates directly from the job posting, but in reality, it rarely goes down that smoothly.


Candidates Don’t Like Long Hiring Processes

Hiring processes take too long and candidates drop out in the process. When talent teams post a job, it’s not typically until after screening, resume analysis, and interview scheduling that the employer can assess a candidate’s skills through a behavioral interview or some other form of assessment. Depending on how many applicants they received for that position, this process is as long as 39 days on average but could take months. 

When hiring processes are not streamlined, employers risk losing top talent. In fact, HR managers are facing candidate drop-off rates as high as 92%. Yes, 92 out of 100 job candidates who begin the job application process do not complete it. The reasons for this drop-off vary from processes being too long and candidates finding another opportunity, to being frustrated with a cumbersome application process.

Hiring teams have the power to reverse this trend by taking an honest look at their candidate experience and pipeline. Let’s take a closer look at how employers can assess candidates directly from a job posting to curb applicant dropoff.


Assessing Candidates in a Job Posting 101

What does it mean to assess a candidate in a job posting? It means that when candidates click on a job posting they’re interested in, there is an assessment included that they can engage with instead of or in addition to submitting an application traditionally. Tools like chat, written and audio simulations in a job posting make this possible and help employers recognize top candidates more easily than resumes alone. “Many candidates consider simulation-styled assessments more useful and impactful because they are directly related to the job they’re applying for,” says Bernice Lacerna from Recruitment Marketing.

The exact mechanics of what this looks like can change depending on the employer or the assessment they’re using. Regardless, there are a few basics that are essential to keep the candidate experience intact. For example, employers who want to assess candidates from that first click, need to make sure the assessment they choose is also available online and mobile-friendly. To not frustrate applicants, the assessment UX should be clear, the instructions should be straightforward and it shouldn’t take too long. Most importantly it should clearly tell employers who have the right skills to do the job.

Let’s take a look at what an assessment inside a job description could look like for a customer service role: 


In the sample above, the hypothetical employer’s priority is delivering top-quality customer service to clients, so they would want to attract top-tier talent when a position becomes vacant—and quickly. Housing an assessment inside the job posting allows employers to scan through hundreds of candidates easily by simply reviewing a list of who successfully completed the job posting assessment. With an assessment completed early in the hiring process, hiring teams know who to spend their time with and can shorten the time to hire as a result.

Would you rather sift through individual CVs while good candidates drop out of the hiring process OR grab candidates on the spot with an assessment that tells you at a glance who has the skills to do the job well?


Winning With Application Assessments

Hiring teams and candidates both win when assessments are included in the job posting. 

Candidates can insert themselves further down the hiring process and stay engaged. Those who experience a streamlined application process are less likely to drop out. 

Hiring teams can measure various employability factors right from a job ad and save time. They can also better navigate high-volume hiring mandates easier. 

Technology accomplishes this without time-consuming resume reviews or interviews. Rather than sifting through resumes and cover letters, HR managers and recruiters can assess candidates’ skills almost as well as an interview would (and in HiringBranch’s case better!). 

That effectively catapults candidates to what has historically been the end stage of the hiring process. According to Lighthouse Research & Advisory, just under two-thirds of job candidates think offering assessments to demonstrate their skills proves their value to a prospective employer more than resumes and interviews. 

“…two-thirds of job candidates think offering assessments to demonstrate their skills proves their value to a prospective employer more than resumes and interviews.” 

The Lighthouse team revealed that while assessments at the job posting level are valued by candidates, companies are lagging in offering this experience to them. Only one-third of companies were found to be using an assessment in the job posting, leaving out critical information during the candidate selection process. Of the companies that are using assessments, 42% said that work simulations were the most valuable over other options like behavioral tests or basic skills assessments. 


Make Your Own Job-Ad Revolution

Consider how much better it is for candidates to navigate a sleek, sophisticated vetting process that quickly tells both them and the hiring manager if they’re a fit. This is the hiring wave of the future. It’s an entirely new hiring funnel that simplifies, streamlines, and accelerates the process—right from the point of posting a job and to everyone’s advantage. Hiring teams have the power to push the industry forward by assessing candidates directly from the job ad.

If you’re looking for new HR technology solutions to help you assess candidates, please visit our Marketplace to explore possibilities.

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