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October 27th, 2023 • 3 Minutes

The Charter Workplace Summit, centered around the theme “Helping Leaders Advance a People-First Approach”, was a call to action for professionals in the midst of a workplace revolution. The summit underscored the need for a new era of leadership, emphasizing adaptability and vision. The RMC leadership team was present to capture and deliver the highlights from the event. Let’s dive into the key takeaways they brought back.

Key Takeaways for TA Professionals, Hiring Technology Companies and the Workforce

Claiming the Future of Work

The future of work isn’t a passive event waiting to just happen. Instead, organizations must claim ownership of this future and actively mold it to fit the organization’s vision.

Embracing a Hybrid Work Culture 

All hybrid workplaces need to adopt a “Digital by Design” culture, as described by Tia Silas, Shopify’s Chief Human Resources Officer. This strategy isn’t just about adopting digital tools but ensuring that employees are equipped with the right resources to thrive in a hybrid setting.

The Pillar of Interview Intelligence

Companies should leverage tools that streamline the interview process, explained Cara Allamano, Chief People Officer of Lattice. Interview intelligence platforms like Pillar allow professionals to concentrate on the interview itself, while data-driven insights in the background aid in making informed decisions.

Tech Tools Advice

Prioritizing Supplier Diversity

Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact at Carta, emphasized the importance of supplier diversity in tech. When selecting a tech stack, it’s crucial to consider diverse suppliers, with a particular focus on small business owners.

The Importance of Testing

Julie Stoyanovich from NYU and Columbia University succinctly captured the essence of tech adoption with her statement, “Unless you test something, it doesn’t work.” This serves as a reminder that testing is an integral part of ensuring the effectiveness of any tool or technology.

HR’s Role in Tech Adoption

HR professionals are at the forefront of tech adoption in organizations. With a constant influx of new tools and technologies, it’s essential for HR to remember that they are in control of the buying process and should make informed decisions that align with the organization’s needs.

Work Flexibility, RTO, and Quitting Culture

Kevin Delaney, Co-Founder of Charter, delved deep into the nuances of work flexibility, the Return To Office (RTO) trend and the emerging quitting culture. These themes, supported by Charter’s research on work flexibility, offer a comprehensive understanding of modern workplace dynamics. If your organization is implementing a RTO policy, engage with leadership to understand the core reasons behind the decision. 

  • Results Over Presence: In today’s work environment, the emphasis has shifted from mere physical presence to actual results and contributions.
  • Mentorship Matters: The importance of mentorship cannot be understated. While remote work offers flexibility, occasional office presence is crucial as older generations play a pivotal role in mentoring and guiding younger cohorts.
  • Flexibility as a Top Benefit: According to Charter’s survey, flexibility is highly valued by employees, ranking as the second most desired benefit.

Insights from RMC’s Leadership Team

Employee Success = Business Success

“Can your business succeed if your people don’t succeed?” This thought-provoking question posed by Edith Cooper, Co-Founder of Medley, underscores the intrinsic link between individual success and organizational triumph.

AI Assistants in the Workplace

The introduction of the Career Co-Pilot by Microsoft showcased the transformative potential of AI assistants. These tools, highlighted by Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, aim to delegate tasks and free up valuable time.

Wearing Your Values

Aligning employees with corporate values requires active participation from leadership. Tia Silas, Chief Human Resources Officer at Shopify, urged leaders to “wear your values.”

Infusing Joy into Mundane Tasks

Finding joy in routine tasks can elevate workplace wellness. Michelle Lee, Partner and Managing Director at IDEO Play Lab, suggests pairing expense reports with a favorite playlist or opting for walking meetings.

AI Policy Establishment

As AI continues to shape the workplace, clear organizational policies become paramount. Employees are actively seeking guidance, training and support from leadership. Stay informed and anticipate the upcoming AI survey and report from Charter.

We might be entering an AI “bubble”, but we need to be proactive about upskilling employees to use it ethically and effectively. Urge your leadership to embrace and consider the potential of AI as a way of enhancing productivity. For more insights, refer to Charter’s AI Worker Inclusion Playbook.

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