The Best Recruitment Marketing Job Site of 2022

Julie CalliBy Julie Calli
January 18th, 2023 • 3 Minutes

Recruitment marketing job sites are critical to talent attraction — with them, it is much easier to reach an active job seeking audience. This year, we polled our audience of recruitment marketers to discover which site delivers the best results for connecting with potential candidates. 

Winner: LinkedIn 

LinkedIn won the lion’s share of votes, which is no surprise. The professional social media site is a favorite among recruitment marketers. You can find potential candidates through the site’s extensive search functions and have ample leeway to build out your company’s hiring function.

LinkedIn also helps connect individuals with available positions – hiring teams can post jobs and promote them in a targeted way to relevant job seekers. Individuals who follow your company on LinkedIn can also view new content through their feeds. Employers can post exciting and relevant information, such as open job posts, interviews with current employees and benefits details. 

Savvy recruitment marketers make the best of LinkedIn’s features to attract top talent, improve candidate experience and funnel applicants through the hiring process.


While LinkedIn was the clear-cut winner, other sites boast features that increase the likelihood of recruitment marketing success.


Jobcase is a technology and AI company that serves as a job marketplace and social platform. Since 2015, the company has provided extensive resources for individuals seeking jobs and employers looking for them. Aside from comprehensive lists of job openings, users can filter positions looking exclusively for remote workers.

The platform includes group hubs, hiring tips, profiles for work history, endorsements, and integration with job search services such as GlassDoor, Indeed, and CareerBuilder.

While Jobcase is relatively new, in 2022, it reached a new high of 122 million registered users.


Indeed is one of the most well-known job boards assisting job seekers looking for a new position. Available in almost every country, Indeed allows candidates to peruse available roles that suit their education, experience, and skill set.

With Indeed, job seekers don’t need to worry about missing a job opening they might qualify for. Once they fill out a short questionnaire, Indeed will send them an email rundown of available positions that fit their requirements.

Employers can accept applications directly through Indeed or ask potential candidates to apply on their company website. Direct messaging is also available through Indeed – protecting private contact information and ensuring smooth communication.


Adzuna is a job aggregator board that accumulates open positions in one database. Available in 20 countries, including the U.S., the site is rapidly attracting attention for its numerous features, including salary estimators and a resume valuation tool. 

Candidates searching for an open role that fits their background should have no trouble finding suitable positions. There are filters for part-time, remote and contract positions – making it simple to find work that suits the candidate’s availability and commitment level.

Adzuna prides itself on its privacy practices. Individuals who sign up for the site will gain access to every job listing, but their personal details remain private. 

Honorable Mentions

Aside from the winners and runners-up, a few up-and-coming job sites deserve an honorable mention.


ZipRecruiter uses machine learning and AI to connect recruiters and candidates quickly and efficiently. Once an applicant answers a few questions with the site’s personal recruiter, Phil, they can instantly upload their resume and begin applying for jobs.

Rather than making the application process arduous and lengthy, applicants simply touch a button to submit their resumes to the role of their choice. is a job board aggregator boasting additional features. In addition to listing loads of job postings, this site allows applicants to benchmark their experience to discover their approximate worth and calculate their potential take-home pay after taxes.


Sense markets itself to recruitment marketers and offers a full suite of modules designed to improve the candidate experience, employer branding and talent acquisition.

While logistics is a very hot industry, sometimes it’s difficult to find open positions on the traditional job aggregate boards. JobsInLogistics seeks to act as a niche website for individuals interested in working in the supply chain industry. 


JobGet caters exclusively to hourly workers seeking open positions that they can start immediately. Once a candidate downloads the app and begins to submit their resume, they often hear from employers within a few hours. Sometimes, workers begin a new job as soon as the next day.

Recruitment Marketing Depends on Job Boards

Job boards remain one of the best additions to the internet, allowing applicants to bypass old-school hiring methods and connect with thousands of employers immediately. 

A big congratulations to our winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions and thank you to everyone who voiced their opinions.

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