How to Use Influencer Marketing for Recruitment

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March 4th, 2024 • 4 Minutes

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The traditional “post and pray” recruiting approach is officially over. Today’s top talent isn’t just scrolling job descriptions—they’re consuming content from voices they trust and admire. That’s where influencer marketing for recruitment comes in. 

Think the U.S. Navy wouldn’t use YouTube creators to reach Gen Z recruits? Think again. Ad viewers exposed to influencer marketing content were 16% more likely to consider joining the Navy. More importantly, the U.S. Navy hit its aggressive recruiting goals for the year, enlisting over 50,000 sailors.

Ready to revolutionize your talent acquisition (TA) program? Learn how to effectively use and implement influencer marketing in your recruitment strategy toolkit. 

What are the Benefits of Influencer Marketing? 

Influencer marketing is one of the strongest marketing channels for D2C and even B2B brands. B2B influencer marketing generates 3 times as many leads compared to traditional marketing, according to The Social Media Hat. 

But it’s also a hidden gem for recruitment marketing. 

Here’s why:

Increased Exposure and Engagement

Influencers aren’t just great for consumer brands—they’re also a great fit for your recruiting needs. These trusted figures become your brand ambassadors, attracting top talent through authentic storytelling.

Influencers can highlight the best parts of your company and simplify the job application process through office tours, “Day in the Life” videos and open position breakdowns—all delivered by an influencer your target audience trusts. This targeted approach attracts active and passive candidates, which expands your talent pool and increases qualified applications. 

Plus, influencers boost engagement with your employer brand, which makes your company even more attractive to new hires.

Social Proof

Content and endorsements shared by influencers are considered more trustworthy and credible than posts from a company’s official channels. When creators share positive experiences with a company or showcase innovative projects that potential employees could participate in, it presents the company as a great workplace. 

This reputation can attract top candidates who want to work for a forward-thinking organization or a company with an excellent work culture.

Expanding Reach to Passive Candidates

Corporate influencers often have big networks that go beyond traditional recruitment channels. Using influencer networks can help your team find candidates for hard-to-fill roles and even attract passive candidates. 

These contenders might not be actively searching for a new role but are still open to opportunities. Endorsements from well-known industry figures can generate interest in the company among professionals who value the opinions of peers that they trust, even when they’re content at their current position.

Why is Influencer Marketing Effective for Recruitment? 

High ROI

Forget costly ads—embrace the cost-effective power of influencers. Influencer marketing boasts incredible ROI, with brands generating $6.50 back in revenue for every $1 invested in influencer marketing

Partnering with niche influencers also unlocks specific expertise and deeper connections for your team, ensuring your message reaches the right audience. Influencers act as an extension of your employer branding, attracting qualified applicants for less than the cost of a paid ad while building authentic brand connections through organic reach.

Lower Competition

You’re probably not a stranger to influencer marketing. Social media platforms are rife with brands that use influencer partnerships to promote new products and drive sales. It’s also growing in popularity among B2B brands, who use LinkedIn influencers to promote their products. 

One notable example is Teal, an applicant-focused job-searching tool. They leveraged over 50 influencers in the recruiting, human resources (HR) and TA spaces to drive over 1.7 million organic impressions and thousands of service subscriptions.

However, influencer marketing hasn’t traditionally been used for recruitment purposes, as job roles can often feel less tangible than a product or service. That doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. 

As companies fight to attract top talent, it’s best to be innovative and use cutting-edge strategies that strengthen your employer brand and attract top-tier applicants. There’s no better way to do that than by embracing LinkedIn influencers. 

How you can use Influencer Marketing in your Recruitment Strategy

Job Ads

In today’s competitive job market, traditional job postings alone aren’t enough. To truly stand out and attract top talent, consider amplifying your recruitment strategy by implementing strategic influencer marketing into your job ads. 

If you want to craft recruitment ads that speak directly to your ideal candidate, consider partnering with relevant influencers whose values and audience align with your ideal hire. These influencers can organically showcase your company culture in their content, answer popular candidate questions and generate excitement around your open positions.

Social Media Content

You’ve likely come across sponsored social media content featuring beauty, consumer-packaged goods and wellness brands. But have you ever seen an influencer promoting a company’s job openings on their pages? 

It’s time to tap into this untapped potential. Influencer marketing can bridge the gap between candidates and job roles that may seem intangible or complex. By leveraging the power of influencers, you can transform complicated job postings into easily digestible content and simplify the application process for prospective candidates.

Recruitment Events and Webinars

73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say that webinars are the best way to generate quality leads. Why not apply those insights to your recruitment strategy as well? 

Your team can collaborate with influencers or industry experts to co-host recruitment events, webinars or panel discussions focused on topics like career development, industry trends or specific job roles. You can also incentivize event attendees to apply by offering early access to job openings or providing networking opportunities with your team members. 

These events can establish your company as a thought leader and humanize your brand in the hiring space by allowing candidates to connect with real people who represent your company.

Best Social Media Platforms to use Influencer Marketing for Recruitment


LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for recruiters to source new talent, for good reason. Jobvite’s 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey notes that 67% of recruiters view LinkedIn as the top social media channel with the highest quality of candidates. It’s focused on professional networking and career development, which attracts professionals looking for job opportunities and career-related content. With over a billion users, it’s a great place to start looking for your next hire through a more focused approach. 

Recruiters aren’t the only people who love LinkedIn. New influencers are migrating to the platform as well. Mega-influencers like Sahil Bloom and Justin Welsh even acknowledge it as a strong choice for aspiring creators who want to provide valuable business knowledge and expertise.

For more tools to help your recruitment marketing efforts, visit our marketplace now. Happy hiring!

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