GenAI Use Among Students and Candidates Up 50% in 4 Months, Report

RMC ReporterBY RMC Reporter
October 12th, 2023 • 2 Minutes

Generative AI has become a fixture in the lives of job seekers at an incredibly accelerated rate, according to a new research report. 

In a survey of 2,000 students and adults conducted by Arctic Shores and research agency Opinium, it was found that 7 in 10 job seekers expect to be using ChatGPT to help them complete a job application or assessment in the next year—17% said they are already doing so. 

In just four months, the use of GenAI has increased by 50% among candidates, with a total of 72% of respondents claiming to use it on a regular basis.

Talent acquisition professionals should take note of this accelerated change, as nearly one third (32%) of candidates responded that they would not want to work for an employer who banned the use of GenAI in the application process. Nearly the same number would see such a move as indicating a less-than-progressive employer.

“Generative AI is not a nice-to-have amongst students and graduates, it’s seen as an essential part of their approach to applying for jobs and their future careers.” said Robert Newry, co-founder and CEO of Arctic Shores. 

The labor market at large is expected to undergo a seismic change thanks to AI technology, with Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak estimating a $4.1 trillion economic effect on the labor force over the next few years. Currently, Morgan Stanley puts the effect at $2.1 trillion and touching about 25% of the labor force.

In another recent study conducted by Arctic Shores and UCL postgraduate student researchers, the capabilities of ChatGPT were tested against human candidates in pre-employment assessments and found that GenAI outperformed humans in verbal reasoning and situational judgment tests. 

“Companies and talent acquisition leaders need to factor in that Generative AI can not only write CVs and cover letters but can also complete various assessments, including question-based aptitude, personality, and situational judgment tests. Our research with UCL illustrates just how easily the technology can outperform human candidates in certain tests. It also illustrates that any student could use ChatGPT to do this even without specialist training. 

“Given Generative AI’s rapid adoption, the obvious and logical answer is not simply to deter or detect AI usage, but to refocus hiring strategies to incorporate Chat-GPT-proof assessments if they want to see a candidate’s true ability.”

The survey also found that this development can impact DEI in the workplace, as demographic data shows that black and mixed-heritage students are more likely to use GenAI in their job applications.

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