Every Update from the Google Marketing Live Keynote 2024 for Recruitment

RecruitmentMarketing.com ReporterBy RecruitmentMarketing.com Reporter
May 21st, 2024 • 4 Minutes

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It’s been a wild week of AI announcements! As if the new products announced at the OpenAI Dev Day weren’t enough, Google just wrapped their Google Marketing Live Keynote and it’s obvious they’re trying to be top AI contenders with OpenAI and Microsoft.

We attended the event and brought you all of the updates along with a few ideas on how you can start using some of these tools in your recruitment marketing and talent acquisition efforts. Watch the event below or read on for our summary.

AI Transformation

1. Impact of AI

AI has already revolutionized business processes by enhancing productivity, improving customer targeting and increasing profitability. Businesses are beginning to view AI as a practical tool for immediate benefits rather than a futuristic concept. With tools like the new AI-powered brand campaign generator, you can now create ads in seconds, reach your target audiences and optimize strategies with generated insights.

2. Gemini 1.5 Pro

This new AI model features advanced capabilities like native multi-modality (ability to process text, images and other data types together) and long-context understanding (handling larger chunks of information). This allows for more sophisticated and context-aware AI applications.

3. Project Astra

Project Astra is an AI agent that can interact naturally with users, perceiving and processing sensory inputs like sight and sound, which signifies a move towards more human-like AI interactions.

Infrastructure and Efficiency

4. Improved Efficiency 

Google has significantly boosted the efficiency of their AI models, making them more than 100 times more efficient compared to 18 months ago. This means better performance and lower costs to  use these models.

5. Secure Infrastructure

Google’s infrastructure is designed to support high-performing, secure and reliable AI operations, ensuring you can trust their AI implementations to be efficient and safe.

User and Customer Focus

6. AI Overviews in Search

AI-generated summaries in search results help users quickly grasp the essence of a topic, leading to higher quality interactions and more satisfied users. These overviews are now available in the US, with plans for wider rollout.

AI overview in Google search

7. Search Trends

There is an increasing trend towards more specific, complex and non-textual searches. AI helps in understanding and processing these complex queries, providing users with precise answers and recommendations.

YouTube Innovations

8. Enhanced YouTube Shorts

YouTube Short ads can now feature interactive elements like stickers to make them more engaging. Improved ad formats ensure better performance and user interaction. Use YouTube Shorts to tell your brand’s story through short, engaging videos, possibly sourced from actual customers or employees.

9. Generative AI Tools

New tools like Imagen 3 (text-to-image), MusicSandbox (music creation) and Veo (video generation) empower you to produce high-quality content more easily, democratizing creative processes.

10. Demand Gen Campaigns

This campaign type targets high-engagement surfaces like YouTube, Discover and Gmail, reaching over 3 billion users. It’s designed to create demand and drive conversions effectively.

Advertising and Campaigns

11. Performance Max (PMax)

Enhanced with new features like profit optimization (focusing on maximizing profit instead of just revenue) and loyalty promotions (highlighting exclusive offers for loyalty program members).

12. AI-Powered Recommendations

Ads can now include AI-powered recommendations, making them more relevant and useful to users based on their queries and context.

AI recommendations for Google ads

13. Dynamic Ad Experiences

Ads can now offer more interactive and personalized experiences, helping users engage more directly with your employer brand. For example, creating a QR code for your career site can engage candidates and drive applications using QR tags to capture first-party data.

Creative Tools and Controls

14. Brand Guidelines Controls

New tools allow you to set brand-specific guidelines, ensuring that AI-generated content is consistent with your brand identity.

15. Instant Photo Shoots

AI can quickly generate high-quality images and videos from simple inputs, reducing the time and cost of producing creative assets.

generative AI tool for Google ads

16. Asset-Level Reporting

You can now see detailed performance metrics for each creative asset within a campaign, helping you understand what works best.

Data Management

17. Google Ads Data Manager 

This tool simplifies the integration and management of first-party data from various sources like Salesforce, Hubspot, Shopify, etc., into Google Ads, making it easier for you to use your data effectively.

18. Measurement Diagnostics

This feature acts as a diagnostic tool for websites, highlighting where data collection can be improved and guiding you on how to enhance your campaign performance and increase quality scores.

19. Trusted Execution Environments 

These secure environments ensure that data usage is transparent and controlled, enhancing data security and compliance.

Measurement and Reporting

20. Proactive Recommendations and Trends

New features in Google Analytics and Merchant Center Next will provide proactive insights and recommendations, helping you respond quickly to emerging trends and performance changes.

21. Marketing Mix Models (MMM)

Google is modernizing MMMs to better account for digital channels, providing more accurate insights into marketing performance. The open-source Meridian tool will help you implement these models.

Practical Implementations and Case Studies

22. Case Studies

Examples from brands like Adidas, Shopee and Moniepoint demonstrate how AI-powered marketing strategies have driven significant business growth, showcasing practical applications and benefits of Google’s AI tools. For instance, using predictive ad generators can help create a variety of ads to attract a diverse pool of candidates.

23. Google Ads Essentials

A checklist and personalized recommendations within Google Ads accounts help businesses implement AI strategies effectively, guiding them through the process step-by-step.

New Tools and Programs

24. Accelerate with Google

A comprehensive resource hub for AI implementation, providing businesses with the tools and information they need to leverage AI effectively. Available initially in the US, India, and Germany, with global rollout planned.

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