Almost 1 in 5 Jobs are ‘Highly Exposed’ to Generative AI, says Indeed Report ReporterBy Reporter
September 27th, 2023 • 2 Minutes

A new report by leading hiring career site platform Indeed has found that one in five jobs are “highly exposed” to generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

Indeed’s AI at Work Report, which was released on Thursday, indicated that 19.8 percent of jobs listed on the platform require skills that could be performed by GenAI in some way, such as writing content or software development. 

Although only one in five jobs were found to be “highly exposed” to GenAI-driven change, the report found that “virtually every job will face some level of exposure.” Nearly half of the jobs on the platform (45.7 percent) were considered “moderately exposed” to GenAI and 34.6 percent said to be “minimally exposed.”

“There’s no doubt GenAI is a powerful leap in technology that will impact all jobs, particularly those within the tech sector, and the labor market as a whole,” Svenja Gudell, Indeed’s Chief Economist, said in a press release. 

“Our research shows that GenAI is less likely to replace an entire job, but rather serve as a tool to augment or streamline parts of a job. Going forward, we’ll likely see a variety of jobs reworked and reimagined by employers, including new jobs being created over time because of GenAI’s fast-growing influence.”

Indeed’s research team, Hiring Lab, analyzed more than 55 million job postings on the site between August 2022 and July 2023, including 2,600 job skills, which were broken down into 48 categories. Researchers then asked ChatGPT-4.0 to evaluate its own proficiency in these skills from “poor” or “fair” to “good” or “excellent.” If GenAI was rated as “good” or “excellent” in 80 percent of the skills mentioned in a posting, that role is considered “highly exposed.”

Some of the most common listings on Indeed have the lowest exposure to GenAI, such as roles in nursing, truck driving, caregiving and cooking. Software development appears to be the area most exposed to GenAI-led change. Similarly, remote work also proves to be more at risk. 

Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals are embracing AI recruiting as a way to boost productivity, and work more efficiently.

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