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Maury HaniganBy Maury Hanigan
August 23rd, 2022 • 4 Minutes

Video can play a major role in your recruitment marketing strategy. Streaming services have literally put the power of video in the palms of our hands, and for most, video has eclipsed print media as the preferred way to engage content.

If your company is interested in new methods of talent acquisition, you might consider how recruitment marketing videos can help. This guide will introduce you to the basics and best practices of creating your own video content.

The Benefits of Recruitment Marketing Videos

For younger Americans, video dominates the landscape. Many millennials would prefer to watch a video than sift through print content, and Gen Z reports that they stream video content on their phones and devices for nearly 3.5 hours a day.

It’s only natural that recruiters would tap into this medium to engage job seekers. What benefits can you expect from recruitment marketing videos?

Communicate Tone

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, video is worth far more. Video captures tone more readily than text or still pictures alone. For instance, if you want to convey your company’s passion and enthusiasm, it’s better to use faces and images than the printed word alone.

Can Be Easily Consumed

A 20-second video can be more easily consumed than reading paragraphs on the screen. Also, video can convey a surprising amount of information in a short window of time, making it easier for job seekers to digest the content.

Enhance the Candidate Experience

Candidates care a great deal about company culture. What better way to showcase that culture than through video? Your videos can highlight key aspects of your business as well as introduce candidates to core team members.

Build Your Brand

Videos can help you build your brand. When you highlight one of your employees in a video, they’re much more likely to share it on their social networks, helping you build greater brand awareness.

When Should You Use Video in Recruitment Marketing?

Video should be used anytime you want to communicate effectively. Ask yourself: is this information better expressed in a video? The answer is usually yes.

For instance, you might consider the following:

  • Including video in your initial job postings
  • Attaching video to InMails
  • Sharing video on social channels

Video can even be incorporated into the onboarding process. Companies can create video tutorials to help new hires learn about policies, register for benefits, etc. This streamlines the process and eases the burden on HR personnel.

Examples of Videos that Made a Business Impact

Videos aren’t simply a new trend in recruitment marketing. They have a clear, measurable real-world impact. Here are two examples of companies that used recruitment video to enhance their talent acquisition process.

The Power of a Personal Touch

One company was facing an incredibly high ghosting rate. Everything in the recruiting process was automated, with no interactions with people. Because candidates didn’t believe that the job was real or didn’t feel connected to anyone, many ghosted the company after they were extended an offer.

To address this, the company created very brief personalized welcome videos for each new hire. The head of training recorded a quick message telling them that training was set up for them to ensure that they were successful in their new job.  They sent the video to their new recruits prior to their first day, giving them a more personalized feel for the company. As a result, the company saw a 20% reduction in its ghosting rate.

Visualizing the Path Forward

A hardware  manufacturer was having trouble attracting software engineers. Specifically, it was hard for software engineers to understand how the work they’d be doing would have a larger impact, or how their work would lead to career advancement and a future.

This company created hiring manager clips to embed in their job descriptions. In the videos, the employees discussed the type of work they were doing, which helped candidates understand the impact their work would bring and how it could lead to additional opportunities.

Candidates found these videos compelling and credible, and the company had an easier time attracting and retaining qualified applicants.

How Can My Company Get Started?

Chances are that your business doesn’t have the resources to produce video content in a studio. Instead, find a good video platform to simplify the process of creating, editing and approving content. Trying to do it manually can turn into a time-consuming and tedious project. A recruitment-focused platform can provide tools and planning guides to help you get started.

Your video platform can also help you manage your video content so you can start building a library. The content you create can then be used as part of your larger recruitment marketing plan, including job ads, social media content and more.

The Future of Video in Recruitment Marketing

The rise of recruiting video will likely cause two trends. First, companies will begin to produce more video content, which also means that they can produce advanced, audience-specific videos. Some of these videos can even be tailored towards specific jobs and locations that speak to individual audiences.

Second, the explosion of video content will create the need for a centralized video library. Ideally, the library will feature a good search engine to help users locate content quickly. For example, recruiters might use a library to search for jobs in a particular region or industry and connect candidates to these opportunities.

More than Words Can Express

Sure, your company can invest time in creating lengthy articles about your history and priorities. But, for today’s job seekers, seeing is believing. Video is here to stay, and it can convey the “feel” of your company in a way that words alone can’t always express.

Check out The Do’s And Don’ts Of Recruitment Marketing Videos to learn more!

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