Staying Ahead in the Talent Race: Navigating the Modern Workforce ReporterBy Reporter
October 11th, 2023 • 3 Minutes

In the complex business world, one thing is abundantly clear: The competition for top talent is fierce. The battle for the best employees is more than a hiring process; it’s an ongoing race where the finish line keeps shifting. 

To make the stakes higher, we’ve seen how the repercussions of a poor talent experience extend beyond the hiring process. A new report by iCIMS reveals that a whopping 56% of workers are less likely to be a consumer of a brand if they’ve had a negative experience during the application or interview process. This is not just about lost opportunities; it’s about a direct impact on a company’s reputation and bottom line.

To secure victory in this race, organizations need to ditch the status quo. They must develop a new strategic approach to delve into the contemporary challenges of talent acquisition and find the right recruitment tools and solutions to meet their hiring needs. 

Transparency and Efficiency is Key

It’s no secret that people hate being ignored. Unfortunately, it’s become customary in many organizations’ hiring practices. The iCIMS survey found that 43% of job seekers said their last job search was frustrating and long.

To stay informed, nearly 80% of job seekers expressed the desire for regular status updates during the application process. For them, it’s not a matter of convenience; it significantly influences their perception of the employer. It’s a reminder that open and honest communication can go a long way in creating a positive talent experience.

Moreover, candidates expect efficiency throughout their job-seeking journey. 72% of respondents to the iCIMS survey anticipated the entire job application process, from submission to receiving an offer, to take three weeks or less. It calls for organizations to streamline their processes and respect candidates’ time.

What’s the best way to keep tabs on candidates and hire efficiently? Marketing automation technology and applicant tracking systems can help organizations nurture best-fit candidates and ultimately hire faster, and at scale. This technology enables businesses to interact with skilled, ready-to-hire individuals who express interest based on their interaction with your content, facilitating the engagement of potential candidates and expediting the process more efficiently.

Leveraging Technology for Engagement

Technology is the driving force in the modern talent acquisition landscape. A significant 40% of respondents to the iCIMS survey expressed openness to AI in the workplace, with about 20% more open to it than they were just six months ago. Moreover, 17% have already used AI to write their resumes or cover letters during their job search

Many candidates, however, are wary of companies using AI to make job offers: about two-thirds of Americans say they would not want to apply for a job if AI were used to help make hiring decisions, according to a study by Pew Research.

What’s the balance? While AI and automation are valuable, there’s a need to maintain the human touch within the tech-driven recruitment process. Candidates are seeking a personalized and human experience, even as technology plays an increasingly significant role in the hiring process. 

“Technology is able to support our efforts in bringing new hires onto the team and getting them acclimated to their new role, but nothing can replace the essential human connection that is made between employee and employer,” said Allison Nadaeu, global VP of talent management at iCIMS. “Every interaction your employees have with technology should also prioritize the human element, ensuring that they always feel like valued team members. By establishing this priority, you can enhance employee satisfaction and maximize the utility and effectiveness of your tech stack to meet your organizational needs.” 

To stay ahead in the race for top talent, organizations must listen to candidates, embrace technology and provide the seamless, personalized experiences that candidates desire. After all, a positive talent experience is not just an opportunity; it’s support both for your brand and your bottom line.

Find more insights into talent expectations in the iCIMS Talent Experience Report and discover how employers are showing up (or falling behind) in the race for talent here.

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